Bitclub Network Endorses The Nollycoin Project.

BITCLUB NETWORK, The Top Crypto Investment Pool in Africa, Endorses the Nollycoin Project! … Signs A Private Investment Deal with Nollytainment on raising the funds to bring blockchain to Nollywood.

The management of Nollytainment, promoterS of the Nollycoin crowdfunding campaign, made another major breakthrough today with its Nollycoin ICO project presently in Presale mode when one of the most respected Bitcoin Investment Clubs in Africa, Bitclub Network, Endorsed its operations and agreed to partner with Nollytainment to achieve its funding objectives with Nollycoin.

This happened after a private AMA session where the Bitclub Network President, Mr. Maserraye Jimoh; Representative Victor Ganzallo and a partner, Mr. Obafemi met with the Founder/CEO at a closed-door Meeting to clarify the project details and discuss mutually beneficial relationship towards bringing Blockchain to Nollywood.

According to Dr. Ope of Nollytainment Inc, ‘this development is a game changer for us in our ICO campaign and a welcome development in our efforts to engage the crypto professionals in our crowdfunding drive towards the Nollytainment project. We are indeed excited to be working with this accomplished group ” To find out more about the Nollycoin and the Nollytainment project please go to: (note: our 30% bonus reserved for the Presale ICO expires soon! Take advantage of getting your nollycoins now.