Emem Isong

One of the most pre-eminent and dominant figures in Nollywood and African Movie industry. producer/directors in Africa, Emem has won virtually all possible awards for excellence in movie making and directing. Emem Isong is an Nollywood/African Movie screenwriter, film producer, and director.

Some of her over 100 Blockbuster Movie Producer credits include Ayamma (2016); Don’t Cry For Me (2015) Apaye (2014) ; Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2014); Forgetting June (2013); Silver Lining (2012); I’ll Take My Chances (2011); Kiss and Tell (2010); Bursting Out (2010); Memories of War (2010); Edikan (2009); Reloaded (2008); A Time To Love (2007); Unfinished Business (2007); Yahoo Millionaire (2007); Games Men Play (2006); Traumatized (2006); Behind Closed Doors (2005); Darkest Night (2005); Endless Lies (2005); Games Women Play (2005); Girls in the Hood (2005); I Feel U (2005); Men Do Cry (2005); Critical Decision (2004); Masterstroke (2004); Promise Me Forever (2004);

Some of the awards received so far include: ZAFAA Awards, in the category of Best Producer for the movie Memories of my Heart (2010); Wow Divas, Outstanding Contribution to Raising Awareness, Understanding and Hope to those Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and Advocating for them through her movie Silver Lining (2012); Eloy Awards, Best Movie Producer of the Year for I’ll Take My Chances (2011); Best of Nollywood, Special Recognition Award; Nigeria’s Integrity Film Awards (Home Vida) in the category Family/Child Friendly Category for the movie Knocking on the Heavens Door (2014); Africa Movie Awards in the category of Best Scriptwriter for the movie Reloaded (2008); City Peoples Award in the categories of Best Producer of the Year, and Best Screenplay for the movie Reloaded (2008)


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