Tade Ogidan

Tade is considered one of the ‘fathers of African movies’. He has not only produced or directed some of the highest grossing films of his era, he also personally mentioned some of the biggest names in the game today. There is no award he has not won and is a frequent consultant for governments and the biggest companies in Nigeria on anything to do with creative movie making. Tade Ogidan’s name is synonymous with quality, class and instant classic movies. He is arguably one of the most professional movie makers African Movie industry has ever produced.

Some of the unforgettable mega blockbusters from Tade Ogidan include: Owo Blow (1995); Out of Bounds (1997); Hostages  (1998);Diamond Ring (1998); Saving Alero; Tade Ogidan (2001); Playing games (2012); Dangerous Twins (2004); Madam Dearest (2005); Family on Fire (2011)

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