The Ceo of the Nollycoin Project, Dr. Ope Banwo, took the promotion of the Nollycoin ICO project to some of the biggest crypto community in Africa today by meeting 3 of the top leaders and influencers in the crypto community to explain the Nollytainment project and its benefits to the Movie Industry and Business people. He also showed the leaders how they can maximize their ROI for supporting the ongoing Nollycoin ICO currently in its Presale phase (Crowdsale is April 1st to 30th).

Dr. Banwo and his team met with these top crypto leaders in Africa today at the prestigious DeVine Hotel in Ikeja including Medayese Felix Jimoh, the Nigerian representative of Bitclub Network; Mr. Ayobami, the South West Rep for Bitclub Network and Mr. Victor Gonzalez, a Partner in the network

All parties at the meeting explored different ways to engage the crypto community on the Nollycoin ICO as well as other areas of the bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry including education/training and bitcoin mining.

“I am very excited to meet with the top players in the game in Africa and really gratified that they have fallen in love with our project and the vision. “

At the end of the meeting, the Country Rep for BITCLUB Network, Mr. Metarese pledged support for the Nollycoin ICO project and promised to take the project to their inner groups and other groups of VIP crypto investors.

According to Metayese Felix Jimoh, the country Rep for Bitclub Network, “we are also very excited to partner with a very visionary leader in business and glad to be part of the first ICO for movie distribution in the third world countries. It would indeed be an honor for members of our community to be part of this at the ground floor stage and take advantage of the best opportunity to maximize their ROI for supporting this project.”

Dr. Ope Banwo recently held a World Press Conference a few days ago where explained the Nollytainment Vision to members of the press community, business leaders, and the crypto community.

The Nollycoin Presale ICO to raise funds for the Nollytainment project is currently ongoing and will go into Crowdsale in April.

The Nollytainment project aims to create a new movie ecosystem that is powered by blockchain technology and has Nollycoin as its official currency. Parts of the Nollytainment ecosystem will include NollyTV (a decentralized smart-contract movie distribution platform; Nolly Cinemas (screening of movies at cinemas using Nollycoin); Nolly Mall (a marketplace for movie and other entertainment products); Nolly Academy (for Training entertainment practitioners) and Nolly CrowdFund (to assist movie producers raise funds from the crypto community)

For more information on the Nollytainment Project and how to be part of the Nollycoin ICO please go to: