Secret Strategies For Getting Rich In The Bitcoin Revolution: The Goldmine

Without a doubt, the site has become the biggest Bitcoin forum and community for bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts in the past few years. It is only now second to the bitcoin Subedit on forum is best place to get knowledge about Bitcoin and altcoins, as well as this is the place where users can earn Bitcoin or altcoins.

Here 7 Ways to Make Money on without Spending a Dime of you own money.

  1. AIRDROPS [GIVEAWAYS] has some amazing giveaways of cryptocurrencies by different companies for various reasons. Most new icos often give away a chunk of their total available coins for free in exchange for creating a community; getting people to join their newsletters or their social media groups, among other things
To find out where the best Airdrops and Giveaways are, you should check the altcoin section of, and also services announcement section. These places are where a lot of new businesses attract customers by offering free giveaways

2. SIGNATURE Campaigns
Signature campaigns are the simplest of ways to earn bitcoins on BT. [You Get paid in CASH Weekly Or In Bitcoins Or Tokens For Having The Advert Of A Company In your Signature
NOTE: Newbies or users with negative trust cannot participate in signature campaigns. The minimum rank required is a junior member, qualification is being active on BitcoinTalk.

Once you have enrolled in a sig campaign, just do what you have been doing, posting and commenting, but this time you will get paid for each of your posts

There are some legendary and hero members who are earning anywhere between 0.5 to 1.0 BTC per week from signature campaigns. [Gambling Campaigns Have Higher Fees] Keep in mind, you are getting paid to promote a site through your comments, but that does not give you the license to spam around.

3. Bounty Campaigns
A bounty is a reward allocated for the completion of specific tasks in pre-ico and ico campaigns.

• Who is a bounty hunter?
To understand what a Bounty Hunter means, you will have to go back to the days of the Wild Wild West of Old a bounty hunter is someone who is in the business of capturing criminals and wanted fugitives for a monetary reward. Today, that terms ‘bounty hunter’ is now been being used to describe those who bounty hunters different tasks in exchange for payment in coins or cash or other rewards (i.e. bounty). For purposes of cryptocurrency industry, the bounty is typically paid in a cryptocurrency upon successful completion of the bounty task.

Bounty Campaigns are the best sources to earn free coins on, since virtually all ICOs listed on the BitcoinTalk network offer one form of bounty or the other and literally hundreds of ICOs are launching each month The owners of new projects join BitcoinTalk give some Bitcoin or Altcoin to people in exchange of helping the company and promoters share their program.

• Popular Bounty Tasks.
Bounty tasks range from simple social media promotions to highly technical bug bounties. You get FREE COINS for successfully completing different tasks.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular bounties sorted by average payout in decreasing order.

• Bugs And Improvement bounties
• YouTube Review bounties
• Article and content creation bounties
• Translation bounties
• Article Writing bounties
• BitcoinTalk Signature Bounties
• Facebook bounties
• Twitter bounties
• Instagram Bounties
• Referral Bounties

4. Bounty Managers: Managing Ico Campaigns or Bounty Campaigns
Most companies with crypto projects or upcoming ICOs always look for Campaign Managers for their ICO project or for Bounty Campaigns part of the project.

One of the most highly paid skills in is the position of Bounty Manager [i.e. The person that manages a bounty campaign for upcoming ICOS….]

Some get as much as $10,000 — $25,000 for a Month’s Campaign depending on level and experience! Some charge anywhere from $500 a week to $10,000 a week depending on the ico; the pockets of the promoters and experience of the Bounty Manager.

All you do is help keep records and double check the activities of people taking part in different bounty campaigns

5. Sell Your Freelancing Skills [i.e. Designing Announcement Pages, ICO Promotion graphics; Research; Web Design, Programming Etc

Apart from all these sophisticated skills, you can also find a large number of users looking for people who can:
– send genuine traffic to their site,
– create unique faucet script,
– sign-up offers, captcha typing job,
– logo designing, escrow services,
– selling social media services and many more.

6. Lend your Money Peer-To-Peer at Crazy Rates
Microlending or P2P lending is increasing in popularity. You should be careful if you decide to do this since there are lots of scammers there.
It is definitely risky, and not recommended for novices.
Collateral is a must, don’t fall for “my father died, I need 100$ loan please” types of scams, especially not if they try to emotionally manipulate you.
Don’t give out your money without guarantees, an ID is not enough, you need asset collateral.

7. Trading Items on BitcoinTalk
You can either sell digital items or sell services or auction stuff or just exchange currencies for a premium.
Make sure you always use escrow when trading, because scammers run wild on that forum, especially if you are sending first, escrow is a must.
Also make sure the escrow is reputable too, since as mentioned above, account trading is allowed, and who knows how far scammers can go to steal some money.

These are 7 Options for making a fortune with bitcoins and cryptos on alone. Please note that Bitcointalk is just one of the many ways you can make money in the bitcoin revolution.